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Cartoon Camp

Once upon a time

Create your books with us.

Workshop. Artshop. Bookstore

Here at Little Mouse Books, we are driven by a single goal; to make books that are engaging, astounding and reflect our author's imagination. Our book-making process is unique, we conduct workshops for children and adults which bring out their best ideas and then bind them into our books. We strive to produce books that enhance our culture, knowledge, and creative pursuits.


About the founder

Design Educator. Author. Illustrator. Creator

Ananditha Anand Ganesh is an artist with a rich background in art and visual communication. She has worked extensively with schools to create content for young learners and she has also exhibited her work in London. She loves storytelling and illustration. She has conducted over 50 workshops on art and design.

She holds a master's degree in Visual communication from UK. She has a unique set of skills which comprise of weaving the imagination of young learners and binding it into a book. She believes in pushing learners on their creative journey.

The littlemousebooks has been made with a lot of love and labor to have full creative freedom in expressing art in its many forms like workshops, books and art shop.


“Many thanks for this wonderful and creative project. It helps the child in so many different ways and not just art or creativity. Lots of strong values, commitment, striving for perfection.... and the pride in finishing the work to the best of one's ability are some of the values that stand out. I am so happy that Kanika was part of this workshop! Great learning outcome!"


“My daughter absolutely enjoyed the workshop. She was occupied the entire time and looked forward for each session. Her illustrations were vivid and strong in composition! So glad to have joined this workshop"


“My son loves painting. When I heard of this storytelling workshop, I had to sign him up. This was unlike any workshop he had done before. It really pushed his drawing abilities and brought out the best in him. The workshop started with some creative exercises which he immensely enjoyed!"


“This workshop was a game-changer for us. I have two sons aged 9 and 7. Both were enrolled in their age-specific workshop. They loved the activities and the book-building workshop. Both have signed up for the upcoming classes as well. Kudos for bringing out the best creative abilities of children! "


Storytelling workshop

Storytelling workshop